The Dragon at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park

Great Time to Visit
January 3 – February 28
May 1 – 25

Peak Time Frames
June 20 – July 31
December 20 – January 3
March 1 – April 30

LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park opens at 10 a.m. daily. LEGOLAND® Water Park opens at 12 p.m. daily. Visit for updated closing times. Hours are subject to change.

Any kid — or kid at heart — who has ever built anything with LEGO® bricks will be in for the time of their life at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort. From thrilling roller coasters and rides to creative play areas and phenomenal building zones, you’re invited to spend the day building, laughing and playing the LEGO way.

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LEGO MOVIE WORLD - Unikitty's Disco Drop
UniKitty Disco Drop at The LEGO® Movie™ World at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

After entering the park’s first area — appropriately called The Beginning — you’ll have more than 50 attractions to choose from, spread out over 14 distinct lands with numerous themed experiences. Visit your favorite THE LEGO® MOVIE™ friends in Bricksburg, and rocket into a daring flying theater or battle through the waters against DUPLO® aliens to save the day.

You can also ride The Grand Carousel in Fun Town, brave Land of Adventure's Coastersaurus and saddle up for Mia’s Riding Adventure in Heartlake City. Meanwhile, your youngest family members will love the pint-sized DUPLO® Valley, and kids of all ages can let their creativity soar at the interactive Imagination Zone.

A group on a boat at Pirate River Quest at LEGOLAND Florida Resort
Pirate River Quest at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

The adventures get even more wild from here. At LEGO Technic, for instance, you’ll find The Great LEGO Race as well as AQUAZONE Wave Racers. Then, blast animated fireballs, lightning and more while tracking your score against friends, family and other guests at LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride.

When you’re ready for a break from the action, take a leisurely stroll through MINILAND USA, where more than 32 million LEGO bricks come together for incredible recreations of famous cities. And at Cypress Gardens, you can explore botanical wonders that have been wowing visitors for more than 75 years — not to mention the park’s newest attraction, Pirate River Quest.

Two kids playing at the Joaker Soaker in the Water Park at  LEGOLAND Florida Resort
LEGOLAND® Water Park at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

You can even have fun on — and in — the water, thanks to the onsite, separate-ticketed LEGOLAND® Water Park. See below for more details on LEGOLAND’s features, and get ready to build an unforgettable family adventure during your next visit to Orlando.

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  • With more than a dozen unique areas to play in, the family adventures never end at LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park!

    The Beginning

    LEGOLAND Florida welcomes you with a bright, happy area, which hosts the park’s entry, ticket and pass sales, guest services, and more.

    Cypress Gardens

    LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park has taken painstaking care to preserve the beauty and history of its predecessor, the storied Cypress Gardens. It’s also home to the park’s newest attraction.

    A mother and daughter at Pirate River Quest at LEGOLAND Florida Resort
    Pirate River Quest at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

    Botanical Gardens

    Stroll through immaculately cultivated gardens as you spot azaleas and camellias in bloom. It’s a peaceful and serene experience, but the true wonder is the immense and sprawling Banyan tree. Planted as a seedling in 1939, the tree continues to serve as a garden icon.

    Pirate River Quest

    Set sail on a family-friendly treasure hunt adventure where you’ll journey through the uncharted waters of the legendary Cypress Gardens and discover the secrets protecting its canals as this all-new story unfolds brick by brick.

    DUPLO® Valley

    DUPLO Valley is a tiny wonderland for small guests. Toddlers will visit the countryside, ride a tractor, cool off in a splash play area, build and climb.

    DUPLO Farm

    A country farm-themed, air-conditioned play area where kids can slide, run and crawl. A variety of gentle farm animals add to the overall pet farm experience.

    DUPLO Splash & Play

    Cool off at this water-themed play area featuring waterspouts, interactive water gadgets, a soft deck and adorable, oversized farm animals. The bunnies are also a perfect photo opportunity.

    DUPLO Tot Spot

    Tot Spot is specifically designed for children under the age of 2. Little ones will enjoy a slide, bright LEGO playhouse and oversized LEGO blocks.

    DUPLO Tractor

    Where else can toddlers ride a tractor, plow corn fields and search for farm animals gone astray? It’s guaranteed toddler fun.

    Height restrictions: 42 inches (107 cm). Children under 42 inches (107 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    DUPLO Train

    Climb aboard and relax in the countryside. Rolling farms, fishing holes and campgrounds are all part of the scenic fun.

    Height restrictions: Children under 34 inches (87 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Fun Town

    Spin around the Grand Carousel, build your own minifigure creations and watch a 4D movie.

    The Grand Carousel

    Select your favorite horse, then gallop round and round on this whimsical double-decker carousel.

    Heartlake City

    Kids are bound to fall in love with Heartlake City, which is inspired by the popular LEGO and Friends toy line.

    LEGOLAND® Florida Resort ride
    Mia’s Riding Adventure at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

    Mia’s Riding Adventure

    Sign up for Mia’s riding camp. Pick an adorable horse, saddle up and ride a fun-filled disc coaster.

    Height Restrictions: 48 inches (122 cm)

    Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain

    Smile and watch your feet make music as you step on interactive icons that emit musical notes. A heart-shaped fountain is the centerpiece filled with LEGO brick instruments playing real music.

    Imagination Zone

    Let your imagination take you anywhere you want to go. It’s a terrific hands-on LEGO activity zone like no other. Thousands of LEGO bricks are just waiting to be assembled.

    LEGOLAND® Florida Resort kids on bed of legos

    Building Zone

    Build towers, dream homes, bridges or whatever strikes your fancy in the ultimate building zone featuring a huge assortment of LEGO bricks.

    Creation Zone

    Step through one of two brightly colored Imagination Zone doorways and enter a curving corridor themed to the iconic LEGO brick, where kids will discover endless ways to design, build and decorate the walls with their creations.

    Flight Zone

    Construct a flying LEGO creation by exploring the endless bounty of your imagination. Race your silly, crazy flight vehicles against other kids’ creations on suspended zip lines. Go for it — the sky’s the limit.

    Kid Power Towers

    Pull yourself to the top of a tower, then enjoy a fun “free-fall” to the bottom.

    Height restrictions: 38 inches (97 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    LEGO® CITY Space

    Arrive at the lunar base for the mission brief and venture through the airlock onto the surface of the moon. Choose between two key missions — to build a rover or create a rocket — and then complete a series of tests to finish the mission.

    Water Zone

    Create incredible sea creatures out of virtual bricks with the assistance of innovative touch-screen technology. Smile when you see your sea creature swim through an interactive, digital coral reef.

    Wheels Zone

    If it’s got wheels, you can build it here. Use your imagination to build a LEGO vehicle then send it racing down ramps. Imagine cars, carts, trains and trucks all zooming to the finish line.

    Land of Adventure

    Look for lost treasure, discover LEGO dinosaurs or set out on safari in the Land of Adventure.

    Beetle Bounce

    Surge 15 feet up toward colorful scarab beetles. Bright beetles are set atop two jeweled obelisk monuments, adding to this mysterious adventure.

    Height restrictions: 36 inches (92 cm)


    Dip and dive on this wooden coaster into a prehistoric jungle filled with animated, life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs.

    Height restrictions: 42 inches (107 cm)

    Lost Kingdom Adventure

    Help LEGO adventurers battle LEGO mummies and skeletons while finding the hidden treasure buried somewhere in the Lost Kingdom.

    Height restrictions: 30 inches (76 cm). Children under 42 inches (107 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Pharaoh’s Revenge

    Kids of all ages (yes, parents too) can shoot soft foam balls at enemies while they set off to explore the Pharaoh’s mystical kingdom.

    Safari Trek

    Voyage to a safari adventure and encounter lions, tigers and elephants. As the trek unfolds, all your favorite LEGO animals will come into view.

    Height restrictions: 34 inches (87 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    LEGO® City

    Drive your own LEGO car, steer a boat or extinguish fires at the Rescue Academy, where kids take over LEGO® CITY.

    LEGOLAND® Florida Resort driving school
    Ford Driving School at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

    Coast Guard Academy

    Commandeer your own cute LEGO boat.

    Height restrictions: 34 inches (87 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Ford Driving School

    Learn the road rules and earn your LEGOLAND driver’s license in this lively driving attraction for ages 6 to 13.

    Ford Jr. Driving School

    Toddlers can take off in their own vehicles in this pint-sized driving course. Yes, little ones can earn a driver’s license, too.

    Rescue Academy

    Control your own fire truck or police car as you race off to put out a fire or save the day.

    Height restrictions: 34 inches (87 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Tot Spot

    Climb, play and pretend to fly a plane in this airplane-themed, air-conditioned play zone.

    LEGO® Kingdoms

    Enter a LEGO storybook kingdom and ride a ginormous green dragon, joust in a royal tournament with knights and princesses, then set off for adventure on Merlin’s Challenge.

    LEGOLAND® Florida Resort children on dragon ride
    The Dragon at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

    The Dragon

    A dragon-inspired indoor/outdoor rollercoaster with fun twists and turns is sure to delight. Feel the dragon’s breath and explore the magical LEGOLAND Florida Resort Castle.

    Height restrictions: 40 inches (102 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Merlin’s Challenge

    Hop aboard a magical wooden train powered by Merlin, the wizard. A Merlin figure constructed entirely of LEGO bricks stands center stage and wields his star wand to keep the train under his enchanting spell.

    Height restrictions: 36 inches (92 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Royal Joust

    Plunge into the middle of a fairy tale riding your own LEGO horse through an ancient forest brimming with enchanted creatures. The minimum age for this ride is 4 years old and maximum is 12.

    Height restrictions: 36 inches (92 cm)


    Visit the town of Bricksburg and get immersed in THE LEGO MOVIE and THE LEGO MOVIE 2: The Second Part.

    LEGOLAND® Florida Resort LEGO Movie World
    THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Masters of Flight at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort (©2021 The LEGO Group)

    Battle of Bricksburg

    On this boat-ride attraction, you’ll spray water to drive back invading DUPLO aliens, but look out: Other guests can squirt you with water cannons mounted outside the ride.

    Height restrictions: 48 inches (122 cm)

    Benny’s Play Ship

    Kids can climb and play on this towering structure, which is based on Benny’s spaceship.

    THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Masters of Flight

    Take a spin on Emmet’s Triple Decker Couch for a suspended journey through a world made of LEGO bricks. Featuring a full-dome virtual screen, this attraction is the first of its kind in the world to feature a 180-degree turn in a ride experience.

    Height restrictions: 40 inches (102 cm). Children under 52 inches (132 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Unikitty’s Disco Drop

    Swoop, drop, spin and bounce at Unikitty’s ultimate disco party.

    Height restrictions: 40 inches (102 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    LEGO® NINJAGO® World

    Kids will immerse themselves in the NINJAGO experience: fighting villains, hurling fireballs and meeting their favorite NINJAGO characters.

    Ninjago the Ride at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort
    LEGO® NINJAGO World at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

    Cole’s Rock Climb

    Climb and test your skills on this unique rock climb.

    Jay’s Lightning Drill

    Do you have lightning-fast reflexes? Do you have what it takes to be a ninja? Come test your skills.

    Kai’s Spinners

    Learn the art of Spinjitzu by challenging your balance and vortex skills in crazy ways.

    LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride

    It’s an epic battle between you and an ominous group of ninja villains. Shoot animated fireballs and lightning as you try to defeat them.

    Height restrictions: 48 inches (122 cm)

    Meet Kai and Nya

    It’s a wonderful meet-and-greet when you make friends with LEGO NINJAGO characters, Kai and Nya.

    Zane’s Temple Build

    Test your LEGO building skills by constructing the NINJAGO Monastery.

    LEGO® Technic

    Race, splash and zoom as you show off your skills on test tracks of all kinds. Challenge yourself at Extreme Games — it’s all part of the fun.

    The Great LEGO Race at LEGOLAND Florida Resort
    The Great LEGO® Race at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

    AQUAZONE® Wave Racers

    Steer your wave racer to dodge water cannons and splash your friends.

    Height restrictions: 40 inches (102 cm). Children under 52 inches (132 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    The Great LEGO® Race

    A roller coaster designed just for kids, this attraction invites you to take a wild LEGO ride.

    Height restrictions: 42 inches (107 cm). Children under 48 inches (122 cm) must be accompanied by supervising companion.

    Technic Tot Spot

    A happy, shaded play area where toddlers can slide, climb and build as they wish.


    High-gliding cyclers will love this ride where they can control their experience with pedal power.


    Don’t miss MINILAND USA, one of the most memorable experiences at LEGOLAND. Go sightseeing as you visit LEGO replicas of California, Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and New York City. Fun fact: Over 32 million LEGO bricks were used to create these fantastic cities.


    Hit the west coast and tour the Golden State, where you’ll marvel at intricate models of San Francisco’s skyline — Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge and more. In Los Angeles, explore Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Bowl and Griffith Observatory.

    Daytona International Speedway

    Rev your engines and get ready for the world-famous Daytona International Speedway, home of the Daytona 500. Feel the exhilaration of zooming race-car sound effects and cheering fans. It took over 300,000 LEGO bricks to build this stunning replica.


    It’s a proud tribute to the Sunshine State when you explore Florida. Venture to Mallory Square in Key West, the historic Bok Tower, sunny Miami’s South Beach and The Wheel at ICON Park®.

    Kennedy Space Center

    An amazing recreation of the world-famous Kennedy Space Center. Models of the U.S. Space Shuttle and Launchpad, the iconic Rocket Garden, and the enormous Vehicle Assembly building make this area out of this world.

    Las Vegas

    Be transported to the renowned Strip completely built with LEGO bricks. Vegas tourist hotels like the Luxor Las Vegas, Excalibur, Mirage, MGM Grand and the Tropicana are just a few of the highlights. There’s even a cute little wedding chapel. The Las Vegas replica also features real-life recorded sounds from the city.

    New York

    There’s nothing quite like the Big Apple. Soak up all the wonder of replicas of Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Bronx Zoo and the Guggenheim Museum. Check out movie crews filming, minifigures dodging taxis, and New Yorkers and tourists mingling in Central Park.

    Pirate's Shores

    Ahoy, pirate lovers! Set sail into a lively lagoon filled with sandy beaches, stunning sailboats, pirates hiding out and buried treasure.

    Washington D.C.

    Explore the patriotic landmarks of our nation’s capital: The White House, The Smithsonian, the Washington and Jefferson Monuments, and scenic Georgetown. Feel the excitement when you see a patriotic marching band on the Capitol.

  • Brickbeard Stunt Show at Pirates’ Cove in LEGOLAND® Florida Resort
    Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show at LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park, Part of LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

    Brickbeard’s Watersports Stunt Show

    This epic water stunt show features a never-before-seen female LEGO® pirate character, original music and gravity-defying water stunts that include wakeboarding, barefoot-skiing, jump acts, an iconic ski pyramid, and an all-new flyboard act that takes it to heroic heights above the legendary Lake Eloise.


    Enjoy three different 4D movies throughout the day. The newest movie is LEGO® City 4D – Officer in Pursuit, where you are put right in the middle of the laugh-out-loud action. THE LEGO® MOVIE™ 4D and LEGO® NINJAGO®: Master of the 4th Dimension are also great for the whole family. Please check show listing times at the park to see when you can catch your chance to view one of these great movies in LEGOLAND’s largest indoor theater.

  • Stay fueled during your day of family fun with dining options throughout LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park.

    Burger Kitchen

    Construction workers will build you the best burger. Be sure to press the red button — you just might be the lucky hourly winner. Veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, and crispy fries are other popular menu items.

    Dragon’s Den

    The menu at Dragon’s Den is serving locally brewed craft beer, smoked turkey legs, bratwurst sausages and honey-battered mini corn dogs.

    Firehouse Ice Cream

    Watch the fire squad assemble your ice cream sundaes and floats as well as sweet, hand-dipped ice cream cones.

    Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet

    Kids love this large pizza and pasta buffet along with a salad bar. The cinnamon dessert pizza is sure to be a hit for the whole family.

    Fun Town Treats

    A delectable way to cool off. Best of all, if you purchase a slushie at the beginning of your visit, you can enjoy discounted refills throughout the day.

    Funnel Cake Factory

    Pull on into this pit stop that offers freshly made-to-order funnel cakes with toppings such as fresh fruit, powdered sugar and soft-serve ice cream.

    Granny’s Apple Fries

    Granny Smith apple fries, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, are a signature treat. Apple fries are served with a special whipped cream sauce or a la mode.

    Heartlake Ice Cream Parlor

    Stop in for a scrumptious frozen goody.

    Kick’N CHICKEN Co.

    Delicious, golden-brown fried chicken is seasoned with a special LEGOLAND recipe just for LEGOLAND guests. Be sure to stop by and try the awesomesauce bar.

    Kingdom Cones

    Enjoy delicious soft-serve ice cream with add-in “flavor bursts” served in a tasty waffle cone.

    The LEGOLAND Coffee Co.

    LEGOLAND Coffee Co. features new flash-chilled iced coffee and seasonal flavors. Delicious handheld breakfast items like tavern ham, baby swiss and egg croissant sandwiches, sundried tomato and spinach frittata wraps, and triple-smoked bacon quiche cups are perfect ways to start a day of adventure at LEGOLAND.

    Ninja Kitchen Food Truck

    Experience karate-chopping, somersaulting flavors at the brand-new Ninja Kitchen Food Truck located inside LEGO® NINJAGO® World. There are a variety of ninja snacks such as traditional egg rolls, super fancy spring rolls, bao buns and more.

    Pepper & Roni’s Pizza Stop

    Pepper & Roni’s Pizza provides options including personal-sized cheese, pepperoni and veggie pizzas that will hit the spot.

    Taco Everyday

    Why wait for taco Tuesdays when this tasty option is now open at THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD? Enjoy gourmet tacos based on THE LEGO MOVIE characters.

    Ultimate Sandwich Builder

    Visit the Ultimate Sandwich Builder food truck located in Land of Adventure for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, loaded mac ‘n’ cheese bowl or master build-your-own meal.

  • Find rare LEGO merchandise and other awesome finds at shops throughout LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park.

    The Big Shop

    You’ve just found the premium LEGO shopping experience — LEGO apparel, souvenirs, toy sets, LEGO exclusives, Pick a Bricks and more.

    Driving School Store

    Look out, parents! Kids won’t be able to contain their excitement as they take their driver’s test and get their own personalized driver’s license.

    Heartlake Mall

    Shopping opportunities include jewelry, plush toys and LEGO Friends building sets.

    The King’s Market

    Transform into a princess or a prince in this royal open-air market. Roleplaying with fanciful costumes and props add to this imaginative play setting.


    Looking for a specific LEGO brick? Visit LEGO Factory Experience & Store’s Pick-A-Brick wall, where guests can buy bulk quantities of LEGO bricks. Want to get an extra special brick with your name on it? You can get a LEGO brick engraved while you shop.

    Trade and Collect Minifigures

    Trading is fun. Here’s how it works:

    1. Bring or purchase a complete LEGO minifigure (must have all its parts such hair or hat, head, body and legs).
    2. Find a Model Citizen (LEGOLAND employee) with a minifigure you would like to trade.
    3. Ask to trade the minifigure.
    4. Now the minifigure is yours to keep or trade again.

    Wu’s Warehouse

    Score all your ninja gear at Wu’s Warehouse. You’ll find everything you need to be a certified ninja.

  • Use these services to get more out of your visit to LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park.

    Baby Care Center

    All you will need to assist you with your little ones is right here: restrooms, nursing and changing areas, a bottle warming station, and more. The Baby Care Center is conveniently located in DUPLO Farm.

    Unlimited Digital Photos

    Purchase a Digipass, which will enable you to have access to all your digital photos throughout the day, from shots at the welcome sign to participating rides and character encounters.

    VIP Experiences

    Book a VIP Tour and skip the lines at your favorite rides, get reserved seating at shows, and best of all, get a private tour behind the bricks into the Master Model Builders’ Workshop.

    Water Park Cabana

    Book a LEGOLAND Water Park cabana for your own private space, complete with useful and fun extras like bottled water, LEGOLAND towels and more.